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"I demand to know what's going on!!!!"

"Don't dig your grave too soon kid", Vice-Captain Isara said as she performed a binding spell on him. "My name is Vice-Captain Isara Ine. I'm a commanding officer of the Star Squad in Division 9. You're still a rookie, you jump to conclusions too early".

She moved closer to him and removed the weapon from his hand.

"What were you intending to do? Shoot a friendly? Don't you know you could get court martialed for this?", Isara asked him not really wanting answers. She moved over to the medical attendant who was injured by him and she performed a healing spell for her, not as advanced as Asuza's but enough to make her come to her senses.

"You were brought here in restraints because you lost your control out there. You killed the hostages in a training session and laughed about it as you did. Care to explain these actions?", Isara questioned him.

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