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Kai couldn't help but dream whenever he fell asleep, and that was when the nightmares came for him again.

But this time...this time was different.

Even as he stood against the hordes of the mage and battled against them he couldn't help but feel that something was different.

There was another presence within his dream. He could feel the presence on the otherside of the army and he could feel whoever it was fighting.

He battled his way through the army as he always would and that was when the dream took an unexpected turn.

The mage's blasts did not hit and he was not consumed by pain. He saw the mage surrounded by his warriors and he could hear screams coming from behind the wall of invaders.

"Get out of the way!"

Kai sliced his way through praying that this time it would be different...that this time it would turn out better.

But he was horrified this time...this time he saw something that nearly stopped his heart.

The two squad captains were laying on the floor with blood pooling out from under them. Kai couldn't take his eyes off them for a long while.

Kai took a shocked step forward and the mage grinned and then pulled his hand from behind his back and threw another body on top of the other two.

The familair face of Shana stared up with blank lifeless eyes and Kai's eyes blazed with hatred as he looke down at the bodies.

"Why...Why is it not simply you and I fighting as we always do?! Why are the others included in the dream?! WHY?!"

The mage grinned and then the pile of bodies on the ground were lit up in flames.

"Stop this!"

The mage grinned again and Kai lept at him just as the power the mage had been gathering struck him and knocked him to the floor as it always would.

This time the mage leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "Your feelings make you weak boy...You'll never be able to kill me...not by yourself, not with your friends and not with your precious 'feelings.' The girl...the two captains you are begining to respect...I'll find them all and end them, just as I ended them here."

Kai screamed in rage and attempted to strike the mage only to be blasted to the ground yet again. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!"

The mage powered up another blast in his hands. "You'll never stop me...never find me....Never reverse the curse on your pendant. Every night I'll come back and kill them and you won't be able to stop me."

Kai growled in rage as the mage's blast hit him full in the face and the dream began again...just as it always would.
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