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First, don't consider your questions stupid. It's intolerant and IGF isn't like that, so don't be sorry about it or feel that way.

To confirm the answers to your questions...

There's no cost involved in joining IGF. You do, however, need to own either SWBFII and/or JA, which does cost.

Yes. We post our game results on a site. It depends heavily on the honour system. Also, the stats are monitored to make sure it's all legitimate.

IGF would be useless if it didn't play online.

And yes, it does matter if you have it for the PS2, as we only support the PC versions of the games. Like LordOfTheFish said, there's some good prices on, but you can be creative and look on (and different eBays, like .ca .au and whatever else you can think of) for reasonable and downright cheap prices.

I hope you decide to join IGF. We'd be happy to have you with us.

Good luck and have fun.

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