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Shana opened her eyes slowly. She looked at the light of the hospital room and then focused her eyes. She looked to her left and saw Illya holding her hand.

"Captain?", Shana said her voice trembling a bit.

Illya smiled warmly and a tear began to run down her cheek.

"You're fine Shana, you're safe", Illya said.

"Where's Kai and Akira?", Shana asked. Illya turned her eyes to the bed next of Shana's. She turned her head to see Kai on the bed next to her. She could tell Kai was having the same nightmare.

"To leave Kai like this is torture", Shana said and tried sit straight in her bed. Illya tried to reach for her to stop her, but instead she helped her up.

Shana then reached for Kai's hand. She looked at him.

"We can change destiny Kai, you will win", Shana said with conviction, she honestly believed Kai could win, she already knew how strong he really was. "Lets break those chains, together".

Illya looked at Shana, she didn't know if she knew the details of what happened to Kai, but her words were filled with hope and love. She reminded her about herself, how she was the same way. This made Illya feel closer to Shana in a way. Shana then ran her fingers through Kai's hair.

"As long as you remember who you are, you'll never be beaten", Shana told him once more honestly believing in him. She didn't know what it was she felt for him, but she knew she had developed a bond with him in the short time that they had encountered each other.


Isara nodded to herself.

"We've talked to Sergeant Yamamoto, he's currently picking up a trainee from Sigmunde. He'll arrive soon. You can talk to him then, see if he can explain things, he's preparing a report too, so whatever he tells you we'll know about it. In order for us to help you, we need to know all the details", Isara said and then pressed a button. The door to the observation room opened.

"You are free to go for now Akira, just make sure you keep an eye on your holographic interface we will call you to inform you about the arrival of Sergeant Yamamoto. You are in temporary leave before the audience with him", Isara said. "Just remember, stay away from Shana and Kai at the moment. At least until things cool down".

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