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Well, not to interrupt the voodoo/vooboo/voojoo/etc. conversation, but I just figured that I would share my Full Throttle poster that I finally had printed up.

I had it done at posterXXL and decided that I would experiment with the colors on it since a lot of people have said that they are just too contrasty from there. I backed off the contrast 15 points (according to the Gimp) and sent that in. The picture I got back was about as close to the original as it could get.

Here is a picture of it all framed and done!: (keep in mind, my camera actually makes the picture look less contrasty than it really is in real life, hah you'll just have to trust me that it came out nearly perfect!)

I got the frame for $9.17 at Michaels today, marked down from $16.99 too!

Thanks Laserschwert!
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