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"Are you already admitting defeat?!"

Kai lowered his head. People had asked the same thing of him before...but the way she said it hurt him. Badly.

No...It is not yet over.

"If you already believe destiny can't change, if you already believe that the chains can't be broken. Then why continue? Why keep pushing yourself? I know in my heart you don't really mean that, otherwise you wouldn't try so hard everytime. But it doesn't matter what I say right? You just won't believe me. I honestly hope you can believe it yourself one day. I just hope I'm around when you finally realize it".

She doesn't understand...She doesn't realize that that damn mage is somehow watching me suffer. That no matter what strategy I use, no matter how hard I try...he beats me.

"You don't understand...You have no idea what it is like in my nightmare. You have no idea of the power he weilds in my head." Kai couldn't help but mutter a response as she left the room.

"There's still a lot of work to be done, if you're interested, keep watch on your holographic interface. You'll get a message sooner or later. If you want to show up we'll gladly welcome you back"

Kai nodded. He wasn't aware that he'd left anything.

He watched as the captain left the room...Shana's words did make a bit of sense to him. But the mage...He would have to defeat him in his mind...and in real life in order to break the curse.

"Captain...could I speak to you for a moment?"
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