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"Of course, call me Juno, what's on your mind Kai?"

"I will continue to call you by your rank. But that is not the point. I hope that what Shana said is true...that I can defeat the mage and remove the curse he placed."

Kai took a deep breath before continuing

" unused to asking for help or accepting help from another but I feel I no longer have a choice. The nightmares have become even worse...I believe that the mage is still out there...and that he is manipulating the dreams because he believes that I can get help. In the nightmare...I keep seeing Shana killed by the mage. Sometimes the Mage has my own face, sometimes he has the traitor's face. But each time he ends up killing me."

"I spent two days watching her die...and I don't want to experience that ever again. I heard that some people have the ability to use their magic to...join minds so to speak."

This is going to be strange...asking for help.

"I need help. The battle I'm fighting with him has to be fought on two fronts. I need to get rid of the imprint he left on my mind...and I need to destroy him in real life in order to lift the curse on my pendant. I don't trust the traitor to go inside my mind...and I know that I can't defeat him on my own. If I were to find someone who would journey into my mind with me...would you allow it?"
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