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Akira was walking past one of the natural rivers that ran through the city. For city rivers, these ones were surprisingly deep and strong, the current and size were the only unnatural thing about the water.

He sat down on a bench overlooking a bridge.

What happened during the training exercise...what happened.... The question turned itself over and over in his mind.

He had no idea what had happened, and the answer continually evaded him.

Suddenly, he began to feel that he was having a terrible headache, his head felt as if it were going to explode. His hands went straight to his ears and he bent over, trying to stop the pain, but nothing was working. He roared in pain, still trying to stop it, but nothing was working, and now nearby onlookers were coming over to help.

Wait...who are they? Kill them! He thought to himself.

Suddenly, he knew what was happening.

A nearby onlooker got extremely close, and he shoved them away.

"Stay away from me! Get away!"

He unconciously reached for his sidearm, which was given back to him when he left the Aid Station. He raised it, ready to pump a round into the innocent civilians skull, but he stopped himself.

Akira managed to get temporary control, and whacked his wrist hard to the side, hearing the sickening crunch of bone. He dropped the pistol, and wobbled over to the bridge.

I am becoming too dangerous... He thought, and with that, he flung himself off the bridge and into strong, fast-moving current, of the river.

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