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Juno looked at Kai, she was slightly disappointed that he didn't trust her enough to call her by her name. But she took in every word he said. She stood up from the chair.

"Alright then, if you find someone, let me know", Juno said.


There was a flash of red in the monitors. Illya and Isara were walking together when they got a notice.

"Captain Terranova, I have a red status on the trainee Akira. He stopped breathing. The locator on his Holographic interface marks his position going downstream on the Talsum River. We've already sent search and rescue for him. Also, we registered strange neural activity before that", a medical attendant informed through the hologram.

"Roger that, we'll head out for the position of the Search and Rescue Team", Illya said. Damn it Akira, don't just throw the towel.

Illya and Isara flew at high speed towards the river. The Search and Rescue Drones had lifted from the water the unconcious body of Akira and began doing CPR. Isara and Illya were watching them.

"Captain Terranova, we've recieved word. Sergeant Yamamoto has arrived at Space dock", the mission control aidee said.

"Thanks, send a division nine vehicle to escort the Sergeant", Illya ordered and the comlink stopped. They waited for Akira to wake up.

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