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Akira nodded to Isara, "I'm sorry Ma'am...I..I lost control again, right in the middle of everything...I couldn't allow myself to kill any of the civilians...I just hope it doesn't happen again."

He knew that Isara was indeed right, killing himself wouldn't help, not at all, maybe on the battlefield, but not here. Akira did feel a little better that he didn't kill the civilians...though...if there was a next time, maybe he could find a better way then throwing himself off of something.

Suddenly, he lost his balance, but managed to grab onto a hold nearby. He went down to his knees, and threw up some more water....the near-death experience hadn't quite caught up with him yet.

He stood, with a little trouble, and let go of the hold, he began walking back to Division HQ's Lobby.

Sergeant Saito Yamamoto stood in the lobby of Division 9 HQ. He was tall man, in his late twenties, early thirties. His uniform was that of Federation Ground Forces, a dark gray combat coat with standard issue trousers, his dress uniform cap under an arm.

He checked the time, Anytime now...

The Sergeant was surprised that the lobby was as empty as it was. It made him suspicious, as the orders didn't explain why he was to come here, or who he was to meet. He didn't like being kept in the dark, but he obeyed orders, and would adapt if anything changed.

He sat down and waited patiently for whoever was coming.

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