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Originally Posted by Lady_Revan View Post
She looks great, I love Revan with red hair.

Before I install I wanted to ask if this will replace any of the heads or if it's a new head and If I will still be able to get her to wear Revan's robes and the cool robes that come with Brotherhood of Shadow.

I was looking at you DA page and I thought you said she can only wear her pretty blue jumpsuit.

Thanks for your help and for the lovely mod

Edit: I'm loving the Mara model in game! I just wish there was someway to change her clothes since I've just downloaded the new BoS and some of RedHawkes robes.

Sorry LR, but you may not do the delete post and repost thing here, that's 'bumping' and not allowed. Only a mod maker can 'bump' a thread here and only for an update. -RH
I realize that GeorgNihlus has already helped you out (another shout out to the man!), but just in case it's to confusing for either yourself or anyone else (or if you're just too lazy to edit the .2da file) I will be releasing another version that will have a side install for those who want to keep the robes and other costumes...armor, whatever. It will take a little time to get it out (hopefully I'll have it by the end of the weekend), but I truly truly mean that I'll be working on it this time!
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