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I must ask. Is it possible that the mod will be released by at least 2011, or 2012? Don't worry. I don't believe in all the 2012 mojo... Heh. That's silly stuff.

But, I also HAVE to ask. Being such an avid fan of the Moldy Crow, which uh... Check out it's wiki page. I've been under-mining the whole HWK thing. It just doesn't look remotely corellian and it's very similar in the head on sihlouette with the shrike, blah blah blah blah... Man, I can rant about that ship if I want...

I saw these "Lets play dark forces" videos, and the Moldy Crow I saw on there had an incorrect cockpit, a gigantic silver thing on the bottom, lots of revealed crap on the top, and so on with the gigantic mistakes. PLEASE tell me this is a placeholder. I uh... I can actually help with The Moldy Crow reference, believe it or not. I'm not kidding, honestly. check this out, and download the image. That's stuff I've done on paint. YES. MS paint. From scratch, and a mental image. Telling the complete truth on that one.

But as far as models used with the crow in this mod, I've always LOVED the one used on the main page on the top right corner. The BEST interperatation of the crow I've EVER seen. When playing the original Dark Forces and Dark Forces II, I always imagined it JUST like that. I've been an avid fan of that ship for 12 years now, and I believe I can really give some pointers on it.

I'm not crazy, or obsessed, but Space stuff sucked me into star wars at the age of three. Not lightsabers and jedi, and the empire/rebel conflict. I was too young to understand all that, but when the cool ships started to blast eachother on the screen, I was GLUED, man. GLUED. I've always been a very good pilot as well, no matter the star wars game. Scary good in Battlefront II, and remarkable on X-wing alliance. Rogue squadron was the only one that gave me a truly big hassle ever.

But, really. I can give some big big big pointers on that ship, cause It's my favorite thing in star wars, even though it's not canon, sadly...

So, is there any way I can help with making this ship as good as it can possibly get? Being such a fan of it, I just know I can help. I can't model or skin (I think) but, I think that I can give you guys MS paint images of it. Also... Is that great model I'm talking about being shared with the JK mod?
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