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^^^That will be interesting to find out. Whether or not her descendant is only of Basty or if she is of Revan's bloodline also. Remember, Basty was still alive in TSL in either scenario. It is entirely possible she could have given up on being a Jedi for a while...possibly to raise a child? Or you could be right, and she found someone else after sensing Revan's fall, but that would need to be confirmed. I suspect we will find out the truth. In either case, Basty's descendant, I think will have some kind of shocking tragic revelation.

In the years after TSL, while I cannot see much going on past the improvement of the republic and the roles of the various factions, I would not rule out some new ones coming into play. Like a Casino and Gambling business, considering how popular that was in K1 and TSL, and given the fact Ord Mantell (well known by the time of the PT and the OT for having Casinos) is going to be in the MMO. Possibly of Exchange factions going legit-in fact for storyline that would make perfect sense. I have only Davik Kang's semi italian accent to his speech, but to me that implies that they are going to put a mafia sort of spin on something somewhere. Where better than Gambling just like all those mafia movie classics?

I guess between the years of TSL ending and TOR beginning, I wonder if NarShadda and the Hutts will continue to be the same situation. I'd bet Merchantry and Transportation would become hot professions hiring mercenaries for protection...unless the "mafia" does that already. That's what I see progressing anyway.
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