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Juno looked at Sergeant Yamamoto and then rubbed her chin a moment thinking back on the report of the incident that was made available to them when they recruited Akira.

"Yeah, I remember the report. Do you think he might have been exposed to the corruption?", Juno asked.


Illya nodded at Kai.

"I'll make sure Isara and Kotomi be there incase things go wrong, they're both two of the most powerful mages in the Division, both S rank mages", Illya said.

They watched as Kai left. Shana then looked at Illya, she looked worried.

"Don't worry one-chan, now that we're finally together I will not loose, there's so much time we need to make up for", Shana said with a smile that Illya returned warmfully.

"Let's go to the infirmary. I'll call Isara and Kotomi and meet you and Kai there", Illya said.

"Ok", Shana said and walked towards the infirmary.

Asuza was inside. She was tending to some samples when the door opened and heard Kai coming in.

"I've been made aware of the situation. Did you inform Juno?", Asuza asked and then Shana entered the room shortly after. She sat down on a chair close to Asuza.

"I'm ready", Shana said. Illya came inside the room, followed by Kotomi and Isara.

"Alright Kai, I'll be in stand by in case things go sour. Kotomi and Isara will handle everything out here", Illya said.

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