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"I'll make sure Isara and Kotomi be there incase things go wrong, they're both two of the most powerful mages in the Division, both S rank mages"

Kai had serious doubts that anyone could even slow him down if his body changed forms on him but he still nodded in thanks.

Kai walked down to the medical bay only to find the others already waiting for him. They were faster then he thought they would be.

"I'm ready"

Kai laid back on the bed and watched as Shana did the same on the bed opposite him. This may just work...

"Alright Kai, I'll be in stand by in case things go sour. Kotomi and Isara will handle everything out here"

"Remember...If you need to kill me to stop me, then do so without hesitation. You do not want to see the consequences of my berserker form without a mind to guide it."

Kai closed his eyes and the next thing he knew...he was seeing the familiar sight of the colony burning around him. Somethings were different, the number of invaders that stood before him was much larger for one thing...and there seemed to be much more devestation then usual, otherwise it was the same.

He winced as he heard the now familiar sound of the dream versions of Captain Terranova and Captain Aiko dying at the Mage's hands, he closed his eyes in sorrow in knowing that Shana would most likely be seeing her body laying at the mage's feet soon.

"Welcome my mind."

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