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"Yeah, I remember the report. Do you think he might have been exposed to the corruption?"

Sergeant Yamamoto sighed and bit his lower lip.

"Oh, he was..."

He didn't know if releasing the next information was wise, but he knew it may help Akira.

"...there was only one mage who was corrupted actually...and he killed quite a few before being subdued..."

Yamamoto squeezed the arm of the chair hard as he said the next bit.

"That one mage was Akira. That was the first incident of major corruption in Federation Forces, at least the first resulting in a dual personality. We didn't execute him as we know that he had no idea what he was doing, it wasn't him technically. We kept this information from him for his own good, but I'm sure he's figured out the truth by now."

Suddenly, the door at the corner of the room opened, and Akira himself walked in.

"Sergeant Yamamoto, Captain Aiko, I'm sorry I'm late!"

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