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X-Wing Collector's cd music?

Hi, first post.

X-wing Collectors CD was my 2nd game ever, after rebel assault. Over the years I've tried to do DOSBox and stuff to emulate it, but it ran slowly and my new computer didn't support my old joystick. So I finally buckled down and got a USB joystick and gave the Collectors Series a go.

I was pretty disappointed they changed the GUI, taking away things that they really didn't have to- like assigning pilots, seeing your X-wing land all beat up, etc. I think they even made the TOD robot sound less like Droopy!!!

But the main thing for me is that the dynamic music was gone, replaced by engine noise. That's how I came to this forum, looking for a solution to that in google. I found out about the patch for it, and managing my optical drives, but no dice. It's still not working.

So I put in my Mysteries of the Sith CD and tried playing a long with its soundtrack. It didn't do it for me. Too Jedi, not rebel pilot enough.

So anyways, I was browsing my X-Wing Collectors CD, trying to figure out what the midi files were, so perhaps I could convert them and listen to mp3s while playing. I couldn't figure out where they were.

Has anyone successfully ripped the old music? How about TIE Fighter music as well?
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