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I am a HUGE fan of this game (I'm suprised someone here even remembers).

I have the first and second game (both of my dreamcast are broken so I have been missing the first game, while the second game I have on my Xbox and play that through my Xbox 360 quite a lot).

I'm looking to replay the first again, but I don't want to buy a 3rd dreamcast for that to eventually brake.

I even have the soundtrack to these games, listen to them all the time.

I love this as much as I do monkey island, right now you are making me hyped about it lol but to be honest it's wasted energy for me and everyone because a third game is not coming and this game was planned to be more than a trilogy but with that out of the window... it's hopeless .

That is why I am totally hyping myself for monkey island, I never really played the first or second as of recent and I totally can't wait! A remake and totally new one! Fantastic news!

So, as much as we love shenmue, I think it's best to not completely let it go, but to just reminisce with it.

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