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Having obtained Alkonium's permission, I'll be joining the RP with these characters.

Name: Urzvox Mech
Species: Krogan
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Tuchanka
Affiliation: Freelancer
Title: None
Weapon: A Heavy Blaster Rifle, Heavy Blaster Pistol, and a Heavy Blaster Shotgun
DOB: 1291 BBY
Description: The Krogan, though a very warlike in nature and quick to reproduce, are not on the galactic stage or even a recognized species for one reason: their home system was engulfed by a super nova in the year 1191 BBY, shortly after they had made first contact with other species. Mech was outside the system at the time and, with no home to go to and no strong Krogan presence outside his own home system, he became a gun for hire afterward. Though faced with the possibility of extinction, Mech has made no effort to find any other Krogan. There have been none to find in the centuries of combat that he has endured and the likely scenario is that he is the last of his kind.

Name: Terror
Species: Mecha-Xenomorph
Gender: Masculine
Sexual Orientation: None
Homeworld: None
Affiliation: Freelancer
Title: None
Weapon: Terror is a weapon.
Description: Terror is the result of a Sith project that could be classified as either a huge success or a massive failure depending on how one approaches the situation. On the one hand Terror is what he is designed to be: a remorseless killer perfect for hunting Jedi, undetectable by Force users, which could act independently. Theoretically one could send Terror out in the field for a year and then find it back one day with the sabers of countless dead Jedi. The only ‘failure’ was that it was just as deadly against Sith as well as sentient, and it had its own plans. One destroyed research facility later and a lot of dead bodies later, and Terror was loose on the galaxy.

Name: Ulim ‘Xeroree
Species: Sangheili
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeworld: Sanghelios
Affiliation: Freelancer
Title: None; Former General
Weapon: Two Ceremonial Energy Swords, a Heavy Plasma Rifle, and a Projectile Sniper Rifle
DOB: 100 BBY
Description: Ulim comes from a proud race of warriors who prize honor above all else, which primarily comes from combat. That does not mean they were warlike, but they were certainly more than willing to wage it whenever appropriate. That was one of the reasons they joined the Confederacy in the Clone Wars, as they offered warriors suited for specials operations missions and for command under General Grievous, though the main reason was because they were tired of the way the Republic dealt with things. They fought against the Empire because they would not allow themselves to be a subjugated people. This resulted in a war that nearly wiped out the Sangheili at huge expense to the empire along with enslavement similar to the Wookies. Ulim, a general in both conflicts, was part of a slave rebellion that took place on the Death Star and enabled a number of slaves to escape, him included. His homeworld was ravaged beyond the point of return however and his people were beyond saving, so at that point Ulim became a gun for hire. Eventually he would gain companions in Mech and Terror, other freelancers who didn’t belong anywhere and simply liked combat.
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