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Originally posted by Natty
Thought it was already official they're doing Indy4, but only after StarWars is outta the way, and Harrison Ford has already signed the contract for it. All they have to decide is the story... me's thinkin Atlantis
If Lucas waits until Star Wars is out of the way, after Episode IX!!!!:
a.) It will be the year 2014 by the time the entire saga is complete.
b.) Lucas is gonna be old as hell.
c.) Ford will be old as hell.

Honestly, I think Ford is the ONLY Jones any one will accept (including myself!), and if they try to make and 'Young Indiana Jones' movies, I'll kill them. Indy doesn't need as many hi-tech effects as star wars, and wouldn't be that hard.

I have seen an unofficial Indy IV site, and they said, that after all the accidents, etc. that Ford has been in, he couldn't possilby do #4. I will look for the site tomorrow, and post it ASAP.

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