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"There are people like that Jiraiya sage-guy. He was one of the Sannin, yet was mainly known for writing literature... especially for those perveted "Make-Out" series..."

"I see you've done your research in that Kaneda." Takeda replied slyly.

Specter looked over at Tategami who had just bumped into that other ninja. He walked over to the duo.

"...Forgive me Tategami-sensai...but Karela isn't there. I was just there a few minutes ago and only one chunin checked in today but the chunin wasn't in the room when I checked."

Specter stood there for a few seconds and sniffed the air. he turned to Tategami and Dai staring at them with his souless eyes.

"She is not in your village, her scent has moved further away. I'm not sure where though. Wherever she is either a foreign place to me or someone is very good at covering their tracks."
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