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"Queen's heart setup!"

Kai looked down at his own device.

"Why are you doing this to him?"

The mage slowly turned from Kai then turned to Shana and its eyes turned solid black in an attempt to intimidate her. "Because I can...Because I have the power to torment him for as long as I wish and he can't stop me. Perhaps if you beat'll be able to talk to the actual me instead of my imprint."

The mage jumped back and the legions of invaders stepped forward as one and faced Kai.

"Dark Guardian...set up." "Standby. Ready."

The familiar sword took shape in his hand and his body rippled as his clothing changed into a long coat that turned Jet black.

"Sword Empower." The sword pulsed once. "Sword Empower....standby, Ready."

"Dark Aura." "Dark Aura...standby, ready."

This is all I need.

"Watch out for the invaders. They are quite powerful but not as powerful as the mage. They will attempt to sneak up on you if you attempt to attack the mage so they must die first."

"Beware the Mage's magic...It is powerful enough to punch straight through solid stone as I've found out the hard way. There is nearly no defense against it that I know of expect to run away."

Kai closed his eyes in sorrow and the mage grinned as he threw the lifeless body of Shana on the ground.

The mage turned back to her and smiled cruely. "You have no idea how helpful you've been to me. The sight of you dying constantly has done more damage to his mind in two days then I was able to cause in nine years of constant torture. The sight of you dying nearly drove him insane the first time he saw it and it just got better every time...Oh..and when the captains died...that was wonderful to watch."

The mage turned his back to Kai and began to walk away, apparently bored with the conversation. Kai growled deep in his throat.

I'll kill them all...Everyone of them!

Kai roared in anger and charged the mass of invaders who charged at him in return.
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