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Been a long time guys... Just thought I'd come here to see what's up. Yeah so no more JK games huh? That sucks as I've been wanting the definitive saber game but it looks to be happening on the wii moreso than the PC which is sad. I think the JK series was probably the best I've played, even though I had a huge fit with the lack of first person saber duels in JA. Legendary flame wars inadvertently came from that, remember Kurgan?

Anyway, it's cool to see where the modders have ended up. Some guys work in the game business now too and this is where they all started, with mods and maps and stuff.

Well gotta go to bed. Hopefully somewhere down the line we'll hear an announcement of a new game. I think KOTOR mmo is a good start but I want an offline experience that mirrors what they're doing. Don't know if we'll see that happen. Only in my dreams I suppose.

Aight, later dudes
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