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"She is not in your village, her scent has moved further away. I'm not sure where though. Wherever she is either a foreign place to me or someone is very good at covering their tracks."

Tategami crossed his arms. "What ever the reason, I'm sure she'll be fine. The authorities would notify me by now if she left the village without proper authorisation."

"Its a good thing you're hear. I assume Naruto has informed you of our latest mission. Would you like to accompany us?"


"I see you've done your research in that Kaneda." Takeda replied slyly.

"Not really... I read it out of sheer curiosity. I wanted to understand what the big fuss was about behind them."

They reached the gate exiting the village. After they walked through the archway, they walked to the edge of the forest. "What the hell is Asuka and Akagi doing out here anyway?" Kaneda muttered grudgingly.
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