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Agreed. I guess the best they could do is that if politicians are all jokers, they at least brought in a (mediocre) comedian.
His nature is one that although he thinks through stuff, he can be rather insulting when he wants to be. It wouldn't take too many times of a clever rival or opponent setting him up to put his foot in his mouth.

In any case, the dems will get whatever they want now, for a while anyways. Unless of course they can't pull together. Not that I believe in the 2 party system, anymore. Or ever really did.

At the very least we have one silver lining I hear: he's all about the farming community/agriculture and putting jobs back into the country in this area. However, some would argue this is an uncompetitive area that is bloated. I don't know specifics on that, though. I do have my doubts about it. In any case I am all for anything that will create jobs and help our hurting economy. So if Al is all about that...well, that is one positive.

Otherwise, meh.
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