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CIS Remnant

Hi folks.

I am just wondering. I downloaded the Corporate Addon mod; which im actually considering uninstalling tbh; for the CIS Remnant.

I thought the idea of playing a surviving CIS leadership was appealling but have been really dissapointed with the experience that the mod has given me.

Playing as the CIS is exceedingly difficult. Making money is damn near impossible, therefore its extremely hard to build ships/replace losses.
The CIS Remnant only has one pretty crap hero who dies really easily. As the CIS I am unable to build mines without first building a near useless Geonosian Hive building that doesnt appear to do anything except let you build hordes of Geonosians that arent really that great of a unit, thus I am out something like 2000 odd credits ON EACH PLANET for a SINGLE mine before I can even begin earning any sort of decent amount of money.
There doesnt appear to be any way to root out corruption wrought on my worlds by the Zann Consortium (and I presume the Hutt League as well) which again seriously hurts you without any way to fight back.
When you compare the CIS/Hutt starting grounds with the CSA and to a lesser extent the Empire, Rebellion, and Zann Consortium everything seems to be skewed in the favour of the wealthy meaning the CSA and ZC dominate the map.
Additionally I dont know if its possible to research or buy upgrades and the like for the custom factions CIS Remnant and the Hutts.
Finally annoyingly the game CTDs whenever the Consortium attack my planets and i Auto Resolve the ground battles.

Also the mod appears to kill the single player campaign as the Zann Consortium; if you try to play it on this mod Tyber Zann and Urai Fenn try to killl each other in the first mission.

So given these gripes I wonder if anyone knows of any other FoC (or EaW mods) that adds other factions including a CIS remnant or some other form of surviving CIS?
At least until the mod author of the Corporate Addon actually balances his mod so that playing as each faction is actually possible.

I know there are clone wars mods out there but I was thinking it be more fun to play CIS v Empire v Rebellion V Zann Consortium etc.
The fact that this game only has 2 (3 with the expansion) factions always annoyed me.

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