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2 problems on JK2 internet server

1. I started my own internetserver on a friend's root-server using linux dedicated server 1.04. These days I added vulcanus adminmod. After making som changes I wanted to restart the server (jk2ded +set fs_game adminmod +exec server.cfg), but the changes didn't show up. Somehow I made it after at least 2 hours of trying (strangely it worked as i deleted the adminmod.cfg from the server).
So does anybody know exactly how to start the server correctly to load all settings!
2. Where do I have to copy the custom-maps to work with my maps in the local base-dircktory (pk3-files)? When I put the map as bsp-file under base\maps they run on the server but when I want to join it says "could not find maps\xy.bsp"!
Thanks for all help!
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