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Originally Posted by Chandler View Post
Being set less than a year after RotS, we (PR) basically pick up where the Clone Wars left off, so there's plenty of CIS (and Republic) influence in the Pirate forces. However, there's no playable "CIS Remnant" faction per se, as I've assumed that survivors have either joined up with the Rebellion (if they're confederates) or CSA (if they're capitalists), or gone rogue entirely (as Pirate holdouts). Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but I can assure you it's thoroughly balanced and I'm not aware of another mod set in the Rise of the Empire era.

PR looks really cool I admit but I kinda disagree with your statement.

The CIS only dissolved because Darth Vader wiped out the remains of its leadership and what was left was as you say absorbed by the CSA, Rebellion, and Black Sun Pirates/Zann Consortium.

The CIS however had different ideologies and goals from the Rebellion. The Rebellion was officially the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and the CIS favoured a more decentralised Confederation style system for governing the Galaxy than the Rebelllion advocates.
The CSA again is also different from the CIS, I always thought of the CIS as more a planned/protectionist economy where the CSA is more free market/cutthroat.

Concieveably had members of the CIS leadership such as Nute Gunray survived Mustafar they would have probably rallied the CIS on the outer rim much like the Imperials later did under the Grand Moffs/Grand Admiral Thrawn.

So thats kind of what I was thinking...

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