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Models and Gameplay.

Another question from me. Is it possible to download certain models seperately, or use them as a basis? I love what you guys did with the perspective of the weapons on people. You see them as if you're holding them to your face, and not your hip. Unfortunately, the 3rd person models don't really portray that.

Will the stances on the third person models eventually be fixed? That, and can these models be downloaded seperately from the mod to use as a basis for other weapons and characters? I'm going to start development on my own "Remainder" mod which is based around The fiction I've written, but since the main character of the story is a trained weapon's user. He probably doesn't hold his weapons at the hip.

So, is this being worked on? And can certain files be put up for download? And is the JK2 mod using the stuff from The Dark Forces mod? It'd be a shame if they didn't, if you ask me. There's no higher quality models then the ones used here.

Also, is it possible to set all the weapons in the 1st person mode higher up? Or does it require a new weapon? Has anybody considered using the sniping mode stance on the tenloss disruptor for the corrected rifle/carbine stance?

Also, can particular weapon models, or weapons be assigned to a particular player skin? The character in my fiction which I am trying to start development on aquires a DE-10 as a unique weapon that not many actually have. Yet in Jedi Academy, EVERYBODY has a damn DL-44. Except for the Imperial Officer in Outcast. He's got a unique pistol, so I assume it's possible.

And one final question regarding gameplay. Will enemies like stormies die in a single shot to the face? I'm sorry, but I just find it amazingly hard to believe that a stormtrooper, or a completely unshielded opponent like imperial officers can withstand a Bryar Pistol shot to the face. If The Bryar Pistol can shoot an arm off of 8T88, then it can probably zonk a stormtrooper, or anybody else in a single shot to the face.

Just asking if that will be improved. Sorry if it's too many questions.
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