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Originally Posted by Gob View Post
Why does it omit words from your search that are too short? Is it a technical issue, or just so you don't get a bunch of irrelevant results? If it's the latter, would it be possible to just omit short words that are really common, like and, the, a, etc? The reason I'm asking this is because I often have words that are essential to the search get omitted because they're too short. Thanks for reading.
IIRC it has to do with indexing. To speed up searches the words in all the posts on the forums are indexed. To keep the size of the index from growing too large, negatively affecting performance, short words (shorter than 5 characters IIRC) are skipped. If there are some short words that are still of common interest to search for they can be added to an exceptions list to still be included though.

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