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"You are aware that Karela is a Bijuu, correct? She accompanied us on the last mission. But by the look of things, it looks like she wont be accompanying us this time."

"No...actually I wasn't aware of that. In fact...she's one of the last people I would have suspected of carrying a Bijuu. But I guess that explains a few things."

"Theres nothing to worry about, Dai-kun! This Bijuu we're speaking of is harmless enough, based on my experience with her. Theres nothing to worry about."

Bijuu? Harmless? I didn't know those two words could be used in the same sentance.

Dai turned to Tategami. "If you want to check with Shizune-sensai or one of the head nurses, they're right down the hall on the first left. They should be able to tell you something about her condition if she was here and when she might be released. Now...tell me more about this mission. Is it far away from the village?"

It would make a good change to get out of the village for a while And who knows? This might actually be fun.

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