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I assume with the Rebellion it was more of a "the enemy of your enemy is your friend" sort of thing, and after fighting a losing war with the Empire for the best part of two decades, the remaining Separatists were probably demoralized and facing extinction. From the Wookieepedia article on the subject:

Following the signing of the Corellian Treaty in 2 BBY, most Separatists holdouts that had survived 17 years after the Clone Wars' end, were absorbed into the Rebel Alliance. The Rebels managed to get their hands on Separatist war matériel, such as Lucrehulk-class battleships, Recusant-class light destroyer, Providence-class carrier/destroyers and Munificent-class star frigates. Many surviving frigates had roamed the galaxy for decades, with their old crews serving as mercenaries or pirates.
The CSA history is more complex - and I'm not sure it's been adequately reconciled with the Clone Wars yet. What has been explained so far is that while most companies in the Corporate Sector supported the CIS during the CW, there was a sizeable loyalist minority as well, which, after the war, was awarded control of the CSA. At this point, the CSA became marginally allied with the Empire, but nevertheless, some Separatist remnants chose to return; notably those of the Corporate Alliance:

Following the deaths of Argente and his chief aide Denaria Kee during the Mission to Mustafar, as well as the assault on their headquarters at Murkhana, the Corporate Alliance faded into oblivion and its remaining assets were absorbed by the Galactic Empire. Those that remained independent of the growing Imperial military-industrial complex sought refuge with the like-minded Corporate Sector Authority in the Corporate Sector, and where eventually absorbed into the organization.
It's also known that the CSA acquired the rights to the Mankvim following the CW and made use of the Recusant, so it's possible they had associations with the remainder of the Techno Union and Commerce Guild as well.

That said, I like your concept for a what-if CIS Remnant as such, but I don't know of another mod that takes that approach. I purposely set our timeline in 18 BBY to denote the end of an era, because we're not a "Clone Wars mod" at heart.
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