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"Excellion form activate"

Kai didn't care that she was trying to help him anymore, he didn't care if she saw what she was about to do. I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

Kai watched as Shana's attack slammed directly into the mage, stunning him slightly. This was enough for him to finally get close enough.

Full power...I'll go up to full power and rip him apart...He deserves it more then anyone ever could. He killed the closest thing I had to family.

The mage grinned at him as Kai dugs his hands into both of his arms. "That's it boy...kill me. Show me your true power and become ready to be just like me."

Kai growled and began to pull the mage's shoulders and felt the bones beginning to crack under the strain.

"That's it Kai...accomplish what Hizina failed to do...Kill me. If you can defeat me in your mind you will be on the path to becoming like me."

Hizina? What did he say about Hizina?

"W-What did you say about Hizina?" he whispered.

The mage smirked at him even as Kai ripped one of the arms completely off and threw it to the ground, covering his face and body in red.

"I didn't kill her at the colony Kai...It may have looked like I killed her. But I could sense the raw magical talent in her. Untamed. Wild. And so I took the opportunity to take an...apprentice so to speak. She is with my physical self right now...learning. Getting angrier and angrier at you every day because you left her behind."

"I didn't leave her behind...I would never have left her behind..." Kai muttered so that only Kai and the mage could hear.

"You did start her on the right path. The Device you stole for her proved to match her exactly...and those early spells you taught her were actually quite useful for shaping her into what she is now."

Kai stared at the mage with unblinking eyes. "Where is she? You are going to tell me where she is." Kai continued the conversation so only he and the mage were aware of it. No need for Shana to get involved in this.

"I won't tell you where we are now...But I'll tell you where we're going to be in the future." The mage smiled an insane smile at Kai.

"Why...Why are you telling me this? You know that I will kill you the second I find you."

"Because... I let you live nine years ago with a curse and I'm starting to regret my decision. I want another apprentice...I want an apprentice free of restraints. I want someone to one day succeed me. And you fit the bill quite nicely. Angry, bitter, very powerful. Someone who was just like me when I was young."

Kai leaned down next to him and stared directly at his face. "I want you to tell me where she is. Now."

The mage's face shifted once and became...older. There were a few more lines and a smirk appeared on his face again. "I will be at the colony where you were cursed in two weeks time with my apprentice. I warn you though, I am far more powerful then this pitiful imprint. I have the power to level entire worlds. I have artifacts that have taught me much...I have had nine years to improve my master my power. What have you done?"


With a roar, Kai lifted the mage above his head and brutally ripped him in half. I'll save you Hizina...I'll save you. I promise you...I won't leave you in his hands.

Kai turned to Shana and watched as she took out the last of the invaders. "We're done here. I've learned all I've needed to learn."

kai dropped out of his Berserker form and began the process of waking himself up.

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