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I'm an original trilogy type person, so I'd prefer they keep to that material.

I'd really like a new X-wing game with the following features
-starts right before the battle of Fresia (when the Alliance obtained the X-wing prototypes)

-You don't do things that are not canon, like going on the trench run (but maybe you can be involved in the Battle of Yavin some other way)

-the 3d cockpit shows your hands, and when you do things you manually flip switches in there.

-All of the displays except the crosshairs should be built into the ship, as opposed to having a graphical overlay like in XWA.

-nonlinear story- story would be dependent upon events in the game

-pilot's lounge where you play sabbacc and build relationships with your fellow pilots. You can buy other pilots drinks and they could buy you drinks after missions.

-you also could interact with your tech crew

-at the beginning of the game you can choose a squadron to join. Later you can be reassigned or be granted reassignment for multiple reasons. If you receive high enough rank, you can become a squadron commander and change mission plans before the mission. Basically, there'd be parallel tours of duty.

-if you lose a mission you don't get to redo it. If the ship of injured gets destroyed, the Alliance simply has to bear the consequences.

-game critical objectives wouldn't be failed if you fail to achieve them in a mission. If you can't get the X-Wing prototypes at Fresia, a new mission is planned, or another opportunity comes up a few missions later.

-there'd be a last chance mission on such objectives that could be redone if failed. For example, you fail the battle of Fresia, a mission would be available down the line to intercept the X-Wings on a freighter being taken to Carida for a demonstration. If you fail that, then you get to intercept them on the demonstration right under Vader's nose. If you fail that, you get to redo it.

-you would also be able to redo a mission if a game critical character (Mothma, Ackbar, etc.) gets killed.

-other squadron's mission results would be simmed simultaneously, and the results would affect your story as well

-finite supplies and personnel. Sometimes you have to go on a mission undermanned and under equipped.
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