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and the x86 comaptibility layer being as clever as it is

At this stage, unless you run multiple VMs, a server of some type, or niche x64 apps(adobe CS4 64 bit Edition for example), the only advantage to x64 is saying you use x64 to sound impressive (Unfortunately it usually impresses no one, especially not hot babez)

Ive been jumping between Vista and W7 x86 v x64 for htpc/games and apart from the niche apps on an editing rig, cannot conclusively say x64 is *clearly superior* A net search will also display a similar paucity of information illustrating a clear impetus to move towards x64 outside of niche apps.

Until devs start coding for it(games and apps), its not going to reach its potential. MS is working on the transition by having a more through compatibility layer, and XP virtualisation in W7.

Dont get upset at me though, I say this as an x64 user of course (but only 3gb RAM atm... and I was given the x64 oem by someone I built a htpc for)

It wouldnt be unusual if Windows8 was to be entirely x64, but then again, this was predicted when W7 was still Project Blackcomb...


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