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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
I don't understand why Google is developing a whole new OS when they could simply do a Linux distro. Sure, Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel, but that doesn't make it Linux proper. So, now developers have to write entirely new ports of software, whereas they could simply build packages to conform to specific distros, like with most GPL'd Linux software.
I'm actually pretty happy that they're not just going with pure Linux, the GPL hinders commercial as well as open source (see the debacle with Sun's ZFS filesystem for an example) development for Linux unless you release your software under the GPL (cutting out other licenses such as nearly any license that wasn't written by a University or some neckbeard). Furthermore, I'm sick of the goals of many distros, in addition to the FSF, being way off base when it comes to their priorities -- I'm sorry if thinking Linux should work out of the box with most hardware, and maybe even have a complete re-writing of the Wifi codebase, in particular the encryption, before people start working on open-source BIOSs and re-writing free, though proprietary software is insane.

There are 2 things on this list that actually should be on this list, coupled with re-writes of existing software so there can be GPL'd versions of it for some reason.

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