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All of the calendars and clocks I see say that the year is 2009. Why?
Because Charlemagne said so.
This calendar system may be convenient, but it is debatable whether or not our calendars should be based on the supposed birth of Christ. (Let's not debate whether or not Jesus existed in this thread please)
There's the fact that the system has been adopted and administrated by the Western world for over 1200 years gives little reason for change. It may not be wholly accurate or proper, but it's the law of land, and changing it would cause massive confusion.
Perhaps we should base the current year on the age of earth since its formation or the age of our sun? 4.56?,???,??? ? Even so, estimates are still rough and precisely exact dates are very difficult to determine.
Because no one wants to say "I was born in 4540000000.", or you could shorten it to "I was born in 4.54 x 10^9", but even then it sounds schlocky.
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