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Originally Posted by Darth_Osmers View Post
as i do belive from wookieepedia for a while HK-47's Artificial intelligence was in a computer on a hammerhead class cruiser which crashed on Mustafar. for it was left for thousands of years untill the Seps found HK-47's Chassis,and studdied it and came up with the HK-77
droid which was just about to be mass produced when Darth Vader came along and killed all the Seps there, resulting in the droids never being fully functional.
But still what does happen to revan in unknown space? do the true sith kill him?
does he get stranded on an uninhabited planet? does his space craft malfunction (not the Ebon Hawk of course) and ends up drifting through space?
As for HK-47: Relevant article! From this, the following:

"Retirement" on Mustafar

Sometime during the thousands of years between then and the Galactic Civil War, HK-47's Artificial intelligence was transferred to a computer located in a Hammerhead-class cruiser. For unknown reasons the cruiser crashed on the volcanic Outer Rim planet Mustafar.

Thousands of years later a tectonic shift exposed the cruiser. When the Confederacy of Independent Systems arrived on Mustafar during the on-going Clone Wars, they discovered the wreckage and HK-47's chassis. Separatist scientists began studying design elements of HK-47 and incorporating them into their own technology, hoping to create new droid models that would help to defeat the Republic. The result was the new HK-77 model. Mass production was ready to begin when Darth Vader arrived on Mustafar and wiped out the Separatist leaders, bringing an end to the Clone Wars and the Separatist movement. HK-47's chassis, along with the rest of the new HK-77 models, were forgotten; and lay dormant after Vader and the Imperial forces left Mustafar.

Over 20 years later, c. 1.5 ABY, the terminal in the Hammerhead cruiser contacted a group of spacers. HK-47 instructed the spacers to invade the Kubaza Beetle Cavern and enable his AI to be transferred from the ship. Once they succeeded in doing so, he ordered them on another quest; this time, they were to enter an old research facility on Mustafar which was said to date back to the years of the Galactic Republic and restore the power. Though the group had to fight through much of the indigenous life of the planet as well as several battle droids, they eventually managed to complete their task. Terminal Delta Five, a computer in the newly powered Research Facility, immediately contacted the group and ordered them to enter the old Droid Factory on the planet and enter a six-digit code into the main terminal. Unfortunately, the code was scattered over three separate terminals which were only operational for ten seconds each. As soon as the group managed to enter the code, however, the Factory Guardian appeared, and attempted to kill them. Once they had dealt with this threat, they returned to the Old Research Facility where they received a message from HK-47, now integrated to a new body, similar to his former 4000-year old one.

HK-47 informed them that, although he appreciated their help for returning him to his body, he would have to get the factory back up and running to get some payback from those who had taken it from him. However, he was unsure as to who had taken it in the first place, and decided to simply kill any organics he came across, starting with the group of spacers who had helped him. The group managed to escape, however, and returned to the Mensix Mining Facility to speak with Milo Mensix, the foreman, and leader of the facility.

HK-47 assembled an army of AK-1A "Hammer", AK-3 "Reaper", GK-5 Sentry, and HK-77 droids in order to destroy all organics on Mustafar. The army attacked the Koseyet Mining Camp where they were met by several miners, as well as the spacers who had previously escaped from HK-47, starting the Battle of Koseyet. Though the droids attacked relentlessly, they were eventually defeated.
The group of spacers proceeded to the Droid Factory, attacking and destroying HK-58 Aurek, HK-58 Besh, HK-Taskmaster, CY-M Prototype and Doom Bringer before shutting the factory down. The spacers made their way to The Lava Crater at the Central Volcano to destroy HK-47. Though the spacers succeeded after a long battle against HK-47's elite droids, once they returned to Milo Mensix for their reward, they received a message from HK-47, explaining that he was, in fact, still alive. HK-47 admired the spacers' ability and in a sarcastic motion, awarded them with a decorative hologram of himself. The plaque at the hologram's base simply read "Meatbag."
I think he will reappear somewhere in the Legacy series of comics if not "sooner". (Timeline!)

Originally Posted by Ma ping View Post
That's exactly what I've been thinking. I actually have a theory that while Revan and The Exile did die fighting the True Sith, they must have wreaked alot of havoc, seeing how it took the True Sith 300 years to invade, and in TSL, it was implied that they were nearly ready to invade.
I'm going to have to ask you: Where is this implied, exactly??? (Cue to relevant reference.) Could all have been part of their ploy, as it does stand to reason.

I also never got the impression anywhere in TSL the true sith were "nearly about to attack" though it is left off in TSL that they still lurk in the shadows. I could have misread it, but I don't think so.

What we do know by the TOR preview is that it was all a deception and that they prepared for those 300 years. That would stand against your theory. Still I am interested to hear it.

From a tactical point of view, I suppose then it could have been a good time right then as there were no Jedi left anymore and the Galaxy was torn apart. So that is a good theory. Still, I'd like to know the connective part because that is a lot to deduce. I could see, yes, that Revan and the Exile might have caused quite a racket, but not that the True Sith were anywhere near about to invade--more unknown. Kreia could not see in either scenario (light or dark) that it was completely or nearly over with on either side, Jedi or Sith. "For each down, it seems another rises to take their place". An invasion at that point might only have culminated in a seemingly never ending war--only in this scenario seen as continuation from what Revan started instead of a grand invasion...or rather brought to light of public awareness, sooner since this is all essentially the same war, just took a 300 yr recess.

I Suppose that a "never ending" cycle of a war was an inevitability anyway, if looking back from the Darth Bane novels.
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