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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
I was hoping for debate over different kinds of calendars and their practicality.
Considering the amount of time and effort it took to get most of the world to use the current system, I imagine it would take something truly profound to make us change again.

Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
Perhaps, eventually, if scientific analyzation of the universe provides, a solid, precise date of the universe's age, this could become a more considerable thing to debate. What if scientific measurements of the ages of things in the universe were perfectly precise, for the sake of argument?
I would echo PastramiX's post.

Remember all the shenanigans that went on back in 1999? The masses were freaking out thinking that planes were going to fall out of the sky because when the clocks switched to 01/01/00 at midnight all the computers would choke on the double zeroes. Millions if not billions of dollars were spent making sure that everything was "y2k compliant". Now imagine that we waved a magic wand and decided that everything was going to a 12 digit year. Forget how much time it would take to get everyone to switch. Just think about how much money would be spent to do it. Worth it?

When everything is said and done, one complete rotation around our axis is a day and one full orbit around our sun is a year. We can slice, dice, and rename everything in between those two facts of life however we want, but if the current system isn't broken, why fix it?
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