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Arrow Help Wanted: LucasCast needs a "producer"

Ladies and gents,

For about six months now, I have had to play the part of "podcast Nazi" which really sucks ass because most of the members of LucasCast are good friends of mine, and I spend too many hours of the day "being the boss" as it is. I don't like having to tell my buddies what to do all the time...

Basically, I still want to do the cast, but I don't want the role of "leader" anymore.

The idea for this position is that the "producer" is responsible for keeping track of the following:

1. When we record (dates and times)
2. what we talk about
3. who is participating
4. writing the outlines that we work off of

This is a voluntary thing. You WILL be present for our podcasts but are not required to speak on them. You WILL have access to our private planning forum.

You are no longer required to be a super mod or admin. We can give you access to our private planing forum. We only ask that you have an unbiased relationship with us, and the ability to organize a team. Some podcast knowledge would help but is not required. We are taking a break for the summer so we will spend the next few months reviewing applications. This is a very important job.

If you are interested please send us an e-mail to, send me a private message, or just post right here.

Thanks in advance,

Darth Groovy,

Admin, LFN
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