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Hey, "General" Jaxun (I read about you mod idea over at Filefront; sounds intriguing!). To answer your questions:
No, the weapon models in the Dark Forces mod are not available as separate downloads. You can ask DarkStarMojo for permission to use them in your mod, providing he will let you. Wouldn't hurt to ask. As far as new animations for the Dark Forces mod proper, I am not sure if DSM has assigned anyone to make new weapon animations or not, and no, there's no particular files that can be put up for that stuff, unfortunately. I guess no thought has been put into doing any for it, simply because you played in First Person only in the original game and you couldn't really see any animations anyway. Now, if DSM wants to think about doing new animations for the mod, great. If not, to me it won't make or break the mod, because it will be great regardless. About using the weapon models in the Dark Forces II mod, some might be while others won't be. I remember reading about and seeing somewhere a render of a new Bryar Pistol that is being made, so that means that one is new. The others, I don't know. Regarding the First Person weapon models, I'm not sure if they will be remodeled and position adjusted, unless DSM is unhappy with them and think they could be done better. As regards to assigning certain weapons to playermodels upon startup of a map, yes you can. When you write an Icarus script, you can assign as many weapons for your player as you want using the SET_WEAPON command. And you can always replace the DL-44 with the DE-10 as a replacement. I can't remember at the moment, but I think it was already set to, I am not sure. Regarding number of shots to take down an enemy, you could open the npc files with Notepad and edit the health down to 1 if you want an instant kill (not as challenging or fun, but if that's what you like, it is possible). Yes, new animations ARE possible. Jedi Knight Files has lots of new lightsaber stance and other types of animation files that you can download to change the look of how a weapon is held, etc. One of my favorite stance mods is one entitled JKA Stances Version 1.5. It might seem like a strange stance mod (you hold the blaster pistol straight up in the air), but it is good for the blaster holding animation and the new saber style animations. Another mod I am thinking of that just came out recently over there is one that changed the animation for Force Grip, among others. It's this one: JamyzGenius First Choice Animations
And Jedi Knight Files is back up now.

I hope this all helps and answers most of your questions. Any other questions you may have, don't hesitate to ask.

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