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Originally Posted by baboyjhg View Post
Reminds me of Two-Face.
HAH! You know I thought it looked really familiar. Thanks for the look!

Originally Posted by Salzella View Post
wow, that's a pretty gruesome scar. cool head, though i have to admit the scar would be too distracting for me. maybe a versions sans scar? for all of us not into huge war wounds
I'll work something out in a little while. I'm working on a zillion things at once but I will eventually get to work on that for you.

Originally Posted by qui_gon_glenn View Post
Certainly unique! I like it, although it is a bit much for me too... I prefer to be manly, yet soooo good looking.

I still love your Juhani mod though... a permanent upgrade that seems to get better to me... I should have given it a 10!
Yes you should have! Now that I know that I can add topology to models I'll get right to work on giving Juhani hair! WOOT!
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