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"Then we will prepare", Juno said and went over to Illya outside who was with Shana.

"We need to prepare the data we got from the dream. We might have to base a training construct based on it", Juno said and Illya nodded.

"Shana, go to the cafeteria and have some lunch I will come pick you up later. We got to inform the Commander and then I'll be right with you to go to the apartment. I already had you moved from the dorms over to my house. And also had Kai's room separated from Akira's for the time being", Illya said and went off with Juno, Kotomi and Isara.

Shana went over to the cafeteria and sat down. She was having curry with rice and a green tea. She was still thinking about the whole thing with Kai and what the mage said about his sister. She wanted to help Kai. She had just began to get to know Kai but she thought of him as a friend and she always fought for her friends.

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