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iev got a list of maps i would like. some of which are from the KotOR era, some are multi era (you could choose which era youd like to play in). the KotOR era map list isnt finished yet, though.

Taris Upper City
Taris Lower City
Taris Under City
Taris Davik's Estate
Taris Republic Base
Dantooine Jedi Enclave
Dantooine Plains
Dantooine Star Map Ruins
Tatooine Anchorhead
Tatooine Tusken Enclave
Kashyyyk Great Walkway
Kashyyyk Shadowlands
Manaan Ahto City
Manaan Sith Embassy
Manaan Hrakert Rift
Korriban Sith Academy
Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords
Korriban Dreshdae
Rakata Prime Junkyard
Rakata Prime Temple of the One
Peragus Mine
Naboo Swamps
Naboo Plains
Naboo Theed
Naboo Palace
Tatooine Mos Espa
Geonosis Arena
Geonosis Spire
Geonosis Dust Plains
Rishi Outpost
Utapau Sinkhole
Kashyyyk Kachirho
Kashyyyk Supply Base
Mygeeto Crystal City
Cato Neimodia Bridge City
Felucia Marsh
Coruscant Streets
Kamino Tipoca City
Kamino Cloning Center
Mustafar Refinery
Rhen Var Harbor
Qiilura Biolab
Polis Massa Mines
Tatooine Mos Eisley
Tatooine Jabba's Palace
Yavin IV Temple
Hoth Ice Fields
Hoth Echo Base
Bespin Platforms
Bespin Cloud City
Endor Forest
Endor Bunker
Bakura Volcano
Vjuun Vader's Castle
Russan Valley of the Jedi
Sulon Baron's Head
Blenjeel Crash Site
Kessel Prison
Nar Shadda TIE Construction Facility
Tatooine Dune Sea
Coruscant Jedi Temple
Endar Spire
Star Forge
Invisible Hand
Tantive IV
Death Star
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