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Alright...this is actually going quite well. I wouldn't have thought I would be able to get the pendant to change form so easily.

Kai stared down at the smoking remains of the training drone and looked at the approching drones that were coming at him.

"Cannon mode."

Kai's sword began to become longer and two handles appeared on the side as a large barrel appeared at the end of it.

Excellent. Now for the hard part.

"Infinity shot." "Infinity shot...Stand by...Ready."

Alright...lets see if it works this time.


The cannon began to hum with built up power and a violet burst of light appeared at the tip of the cannon.


And then with a sputter the violet light began to fade and the build up of power faded slowly.

No! Damn it No!

Kai brought one of his fists down on the cannon with a shout of anger and the cannon instantly powered up again and fired off a shot that ripped through the drones and continued on toward the Academy.

Damn it!

Kai ran as quickly as he could after the blast.

"Dark Lightning!" "Dark Lightning, standby...ready."


Kai's electrical attack ripped through the air after the violet burst of energy only to be absorbed by the attack.

Kai kept on firing blast after blast of his electrical attack at the energy blast which seemed to be getting bigger...but slowing down.

Screw this. Sword form it is.

"Sword form."

Kai's cannon shifted to the lighter sword form.

"Dark Aura..." "Dark aura. Standby, ready."

Kai started running even faster and finally managed to get close enough to the blast to try and catch it on his sword.

He looked forward with a startled glance to see that both he and the blast were heading straight toward the cafateria. Oh hell.

Kai turned his sword to the sky and tried to push the blast up toward the sky...finally succeding.

He watched as it shot up toward the sky before he finally lost sight of it. That...was far too close.
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