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"You know, you don't really need to name the stronger form the same as Shana"

"I'm naming it in her name. If it weren't for her helping me rid my mind of the...imprint I doubt that I would have the ability to create a new attack. That damn imprint would still be blocking my focus. And besides, the device is still cursed and the few names it suggested were..quite inappropriate."

Kai looked at the academy which had a few scorch marks on the upper side of the building where the attack had passed by it.

"My apologies...I didn't anticipate the blast would be that powerful. The basic idea of this attack is that it fires a medium sized blast of magical energy at a target...but I seem to lack control with long range attacks."

Hizuni...In three weeks I'll finally see Hizuni again...and if the mage has had her for nine years then I'll most likely be fighting the two of them on two fronts. It will take...two weeks at most to reach the colony and that is when I will finally free my...little sister. I never thought I would think of Hizuni again.

"In one weeks time I need to take a transport out for the span of two weeks. If this is acceptable to you Captain."
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