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Originally Posted by tsenre78 View Post
Very cool, great job!!

Any chance of a TSL version? If not, would you mind at least educating a modding newbie here on how to do it?
Thank you very much! And I do plan on a TSL release, but not necessarily very soon. I haven't actually done a TSL mod yet so I don't know the differences between the two games. However, if you want to at least start just simple changes you can go here It's my first mod but it has a tutorial (also my first and only, so far) included in the zip on how to make new heads. It's very basic but it's where I started at, so maybe it will help you start as well! In the future maybe I'll do a tutorial on how to do a whole new character from start to finish like Mara here. Be sure to check back and see if I release a TSL version, but also send me a link if you get a mod out there as well. I'd love to see it. (If you don't have any experience with any modding tools go to to find out how and where to start)
And one of the most important tips I can give you on modding (or any project, really) is this: Stay Organized! I have a zillion folders and sub folders for my Juhani mod and v1 of Mara. Mara 2.0 I have one main folder, a folder for all the original files that were extracted with KOTOR TOOL and then the final zip folder. It made things work much smoother and quicker.

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