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Illya looked at Kai and smiled at him warmly.

"Well, don't think you've gotten rid of us that easily mister. We are coming too, Commander Carrington is sending the unit out. This is our goal after all, if this mage has gathered Artifacts then it is our duty to retrieve and secure these artifacts and of course stopping the bad guys. This is the elemental drive of this unit remember?", Illya said. "We'll give all the help we can give, we'll do our part, you can count on that. We will be leaving on the Altaria, it's a Federation Starship that will take us through the multiverse. It's one of the fastest ships in the whole Federation and it's armed to the teeth. If it comes to it, we'll have to use the Arcane Gun, it's the single most powerful weapon in the Federation, the only trouble about it is it's supposed to be a last resort because it can cause a dimensional disruption so big it can destroy countless worlds in the multiverse. So we need to act cautiously".

Illya looked over at the training field and sighed, she then looked at Kai still smiling.

"When Terra talked to us about forming the unit, we knew what we were getting into. We've fought really hard battles, battles on which we've almost lost our lives. But we've always fought as a friends, as a family. That's what we're trying to create here. More than just a military group, we're building friendship, we're building a family. And if someone threatens a member of that family, we'll be there to face whatever comes our way. That's how we've always done it, and no matter what, we will prevail", Illya said and started to walk back to the cafeteria. "Your dorm room has been separated from Akira's. Just to avoid friction between you two. Just know something, Akira has a problem, he needs understanding right now, if you can, give him a chance."

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