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Originally Posted by The Tingler View Post
Another? I really enjoyed all of the Indy games so far. This is just easily the worst one.

You're right though. I had hoped this was going to be the perfect Indy game. All they had to do was remove the faults from Emperor's Tomb and it would've been great. Instead they screwed it up royally, got cancelled, and sent the sub-version out to recoup some of their losses.
I am a huge Indy fan but the only ones I have played is Fate of Atlantis and this one. I am satisfied. It got some getting used to but I also was disapointed. They rushed it and didnt do a good job. If thay wouldve taken there time they probably would have had a pretty good game. They should of waited for the wii motion plus to be released and make it Motion Plus compadible. That in my opionion would of made a over all great game. Its the graphics and the movments that anoy me. By the looks of the trailor I thought it was going to be like your watching a Indiana jones movie exept your playing it. Thats what made me rush out and buy it. I still like it though.  72528
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