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"When Terra talked to us about forming the unit, we knew what we were getting into. We've fought really hard battles, battles on which we've almost lost our lives. But we've always fought as a friends, as a family. That's what we're trying to create here. More than just a military group, we're building friendship, we're building a family. And if someone threatens a member of that family, we'll be there to face whatever comes our way. That's how we've always done it, and no matter what, we will prevail."

I think I'll need to move up my timetable...They can't come along on this mission...They can't. If only for their own sake. I won't let them endanger Hizuni-san.

"If that is what you wish. However...I don't agree with your decision. This man had the power to destroy the colony but he chose to attack it with ground forces. He enjoys the destruction, the chaos that he causes. It will be much better if I face him alone."

She won't agree to this...I will most likely have to steal a transport and go to the colony myself. With my new attacks I'll at least be able to rescue Hizuni. Then...later I'll come back and finish off the mage.

"Just know something, Akira has a problem, he needs understanding right now, if you can, give him a chance."

"He is insaine. I don't trust easily and when he destroyed those Hostage droids he proved that I can't trust him in combat situations. Imagine if that hostage droid had been Shana...and she had let her guard down. We would be minus one team member right now. That is why I don't trust him."
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